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            Since 2000  I teaching in Institute of  Decorative Art (IDPI). Curses given: decorative doll, textile collage and handmade paper. Annual student projects to theme Decorative doll based on the motives of my favorite artist are exhibited every year et the traditional exhibition of the Institute. In 2004 my students participated also in the exhibition St.-Petersburgs doll at Smolny Cathedral. Certain student works were presented at the festival Patchworks style at Smolny Cathedral in 2005 and at the exhibition Paper dolls at St.Petersburg Toy Museum. During summer practice the students participated in the annual festivals of the students of Art Institutes We have came, organizing master-classes, participated at 2002 in the festival of modern art Master-class at ST.Petersburgs Manege. In April 2006 best students works of all years were presented at the exhibition When artists are making paper in Botanic Museum as part of Paper project: Art-paper sponsored by the Potanins Fund and Association of Cultural Managers.

            During my work in IDPI I supervised 7graduate works in thechnique of penting on textile, collage, felts. Diploma works were presented at the exhibitions All St.Petersburg in Manege, Autumn Exhibitions and the anniversary exhibition IDPI at the exhibitions hall of Artist Union.







Diploma Paper Doll

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