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Personally I have learned the handmade process of paper making in 1995 from a German artist, who organized a master-class during our participation in a textile symposium in Poland. Later the Saint-Petersburg artists became better acquainted with the art of handmade paper making due by Finnish artist, and St. Petersburg art researcher Olga Kasjanenko who organized several master-classes with subsequent exhibitions in the galleries of the Union of Artists in summer 1999.
It turned out that the technology is very simple, primary matters to make the pulp to be found everywhere, the only problem was the workspace and as soon as I got an atelier, I eagerly started my experiments. My first work was exhibited at the International Itinerant Exhibition Bread Project, which we invented in 2001 with help of the St. Petersburg Bread Museum. Afterwards this technique is my favorite one.
Since 2000 I started to organize the summer practice in handmade paper making at the Institute of the Decorative and Applied Art for students of the chair of Art Textiles, making myself handmade paper and supervising students experiments. In 2002 at an International Symposium in Germany (First Textile Festival in Gorlitz) I organized the master-class on my variant of technology of paper casting. Similar master-class I presented on the TV channel Rambler. During their summer practice my students themselves organized master-classes on handmade paper at the annual festivals of the students of Art Institutes We have came, and participated in 2002 at the festival of modern art Master-class at St. Petersburg Manege.



Exhibitions where the artworks in this technique were presented:  

2001 - Bread project - the international exhibition, the Museum of bread, SPb
2001 - Paper sculpture , Russian museum, SPb
2001 - Memoirs on the last summer - a personal exhibition, Paris
2002 - 75 years to the Union of Artists , the Arena, SPb
2002 - First textile festival , the international symposium in Germany
2002 - Memoirs on the last summer , a personal exhibition, Kiev
2002 - Paper doll , the Museum of a toy, SPb
2002 - Bread project II , the international exhibition, Kostroma
2003 - Meeting of three poets , gallery, SPb
2004 - Toy for El Salvador , the Museum of a toy, SPb
2004 - Bread project III , the international exhibition, Helsinki, Finland
2004 - "BIN2004", - the second Biennial schedules in Saint Petersburg, SPb
2004 - Bread project IV , the international exhibition, Toulouse, France
2005 - "Summer residence", the international exhibition, the Museum of bread, SPb
2005 - Bread project V , the international exhibition, Fridrehveark, Denmark
2005 - Autumn exhibition , the Union of artists, SPb
2006 - Traditions and search , exhibition IDPI, SPb
2006 - Here was Ira, the personal exhibition, SPb
2006 - When a paper artists , exhibition of works of the teacher and students IDPI, the Botanical museum, the program the Paper project: Art-paper at support of Potanins welfare fund and Association of managers of culture.
2006 - "BIN2006", - the third Biennial schedules in Saint Petersburg, SPb
2006 - Bread project VI , the international exhibition, Virrat,Finland






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